About Us

In the heart city of Nizams, a new concept of designer wear ‘Tejas & Harish’ emerged and is still
rising to amaze people with their glorious designs. It stands on the vibrant thinking shoulders of
two brothers, giving every bride and groom in the city a run for the magnificent wedding
The designs at Tejas & Harish revolve around the magnificent and luxurious fabrics and
grandeur outfits. Every member in your family can get a wedding wardrobe with a touch of
variety in cuts, panels, design and hand work too.





Tejas and Harish is a brand where Indian roots are never forgotten when it comes to Indian wedding wear. But travelling the track with trendy twerk is always a new page to look at. Welcome to the category where can feel the amalgamation of two cultures and giving you the look of the day for your grand celebration of life. Comfortable yet earthy is what and Indowestern will share



Right in the name, you can feel the royalty dripping from it. And that is exactly what it does to our clientele. Any occasion it can be, a festival, wedding or any formal gathering a Jodhpuri will make you stand out royally perfect in the crowd. Step into our store and get in touch with the new feeling when it is your special day.